All official mail concerning the competition should be sent to:

The German Delegation to CISM
Armed Forces Office /KdoSKB Abt AusbSK TrSK Ref Sport
Fontaingraben 150,
53123 Bonn
Tel:  +49 228-12-5869
Fax: +49 228-12-5224

Please address correspondence concerning the participation in the tournament and for special technical questions to:

Coordination and POC:

MstSgt Hans-Joachim Riehl
Luftlande- und Lufttransportschule (Airborn and Airtransportschool)
Burglachberg-Str. 30, 86972 Altenstadt, GERMANY
Tel:  +49 8861-9090-4702
Fax: +49 8861-9090-4799