Poland wins multiple Gold!

“Gold for Poland!” could be heard again and again not only in the individual scoring of the competition, but also in the team scoring.

Adding up the times achieved by runners in all three courses resulted in a total run time for each single athlete. In the women’s competition, Daria Lajn (POL) secured first place ahead of teammate Hanna Wisniewska. Bronze was taken by Fanny Roche (FRA).

Winner Overall women

Winner Overall women

In the men’s competition, too, it was neighboring Poland that took home the overall victory. Wojciech Kowalski (POL) won gold ahead of Timo Sild (EST) and Bartosz Pawlak (POL).

Winner overall men

Winner overall men

The run times of the first two winners of the women’s teams, as well as the first four winners of the men’s teams, were used in the team scoring. Here, too, the gold medals for both the men’s category and the women’s category went to Poland, thus making the Polish team the most successful team of the entire Event.

Harsh Conditions in the Long-Distance Competition – Timo Sild (EST) and Hanna Wisniewska (POL) take Gold.

The last day of the competition provided a real challenge for all athletes.

The highly diverse competition area at Maria Altenburg near Munich pushed competitors to the limit, and this was aggravated by heavy rainfall.

On that particular day, the competition in the men’s category remained exciting to the very end again. Entering the track at the end of starter field, Timo Sild (EST) eventually won the race with a narrow 4-second lead ahead of Wojciech Kowalski from Poland. Arturs Paulins (LVA) finished third.

In the women’s category, Hanna Wisniewska (POL) won convincingly ahead of teammate Daria Lajn. Bronze was taken by Lauriane Foulet-Moreau (FRA).

Two-Fold Victory for Poland in the Middle-Distance Event

Wojciech Kowalski (POL)

Wojciech Kowalski (POL)

On the second day, competitors had to run the middle-distance course, where the Polish team dominated the race. Wojciech Kowalski (POL) took the title, while his teammate, Bartosz Pawlak, finished second. Timo Sild, from Estonia, took third place.

On that second day of the competition, the temperature was that of a hot summer’s day again, and the terrain on Schongau’s Berlachberg hill was not that easy. Sloping steeply down to the banks of the Lech River, the terrain on the eastern hillside is highly diverse. That section of the course required runners to be highly focused in the first half of it before they could run up the steep slope toward the Trachtenheim and onto the final lap of the course.

In the women’s competition, the happy winner was Daria Lajn (POL), who won by a very narrow margin. She was able to repeat her success from the previous day, finishing second by only 9 seconds ahead of Fanny Roche from France. Bronze was won again by Hanna Wisniewska (POL) with only a 2-second margin. Liesbeth van de Velde (BEL) finished in the unlucky 4th place.

Hot Sprint Race on the 1st Day of the Competition

Today, on the first day, the sprint competition was held as part of the Bavarian Championships, with Schongau’s historic center providing the venue for the competition.

During the competition, competitors were required to do two races based on time addition scoring. The course of the first run, for the most part, led them through residential areas comprised of typical Bavarian-style houses.  However, the first run had something special in store for the bathers at Schongau’s open-air swimming pool, as one of the courses led right through the swimming pool area. With temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius, the outdoor pool was crowded, and bathers were enjoying a front-row seat, so to speak.

The second course ran through the historic town center. As Schongau has quite a number of narrow streets and alleyways, competitors had to pay much attention to where they were running, because choosing the wrong path immediately resulted in a time penalty.

On the first day, the winner of the men’s race was Sander Vaher (Estonia), with Timo Sild (Estonia) coming in second. Wojciech Kowalski (Poland) took bronze.

Daria Lajn (Poland)

Daria Lajn (Poland)

The winner of the women’s race was Daria Lajn (Poland), with Fanny Roche (France) and Hanna Wisniewska (Poland) finishing second and third.